ARQUIMA starts 2023 moving to its new factory in Barcelona

ARQUIMA, Spain’s leading company in industrialised passive construction, has started 2023 with the move to its new headquarters in Abrera (Barcelona). Thanks to a resilient model and the increase in demand at national level, the company has increased its turnover by more than 30% compared to 2021, exceeding €8m and with a double-digit EBITDA, which the company values as a good result.


The leading company in industrialised construction, which this year will take a great quantitative and qualitative leap forward, continues to advance its commitment to sustainability in construction and its proactive role in combating climate change.


“We continue to contribute to a more industrialised, passive, sustainable and healthy sector. Continuing to invest in new facilities will allow us to be even more competitive, as well as generating more growth and more employment, in order to remain leaders in the sector”, says ARQUIMA’s CEO, José Antonio González.


A firm commitment to the industrialisation and digitalisation of the sector


In this commitment to change in the sector, ARQUIMA continues to invest in its growth with new facilities that multiply its production capacity by 6, as well as a new 500 m² office building to accommodate the forecast of doubling the company’s human resources by 2023.


Thanks to this new installed capacity and good operational performance, the company could reach €60m turnover in 2024 with Design & Build projects. The company’s expansion plan also foresees an expansion of its new facilities to double the current installed capacity, which could reach €120m in 2025 without leaving the domestic market or opening new factories. Internationalisation is also present in the company’s medium-term expansion plan, opening new factories and being able to reach the turnover figures of the largest companies in the sector in Europe.


“In our country and in the world, the demand for sustainable industrialised construction will continue to increase significantly and ARQUIMA will continue to grow in order to keep up with this demand by increasing its installed capacity. We are even considering entering into a financing round to bring an investment partner into the company that will allow us to accelerate this growth even further”, says ARQUIMA’s CEO José Antonio González.


Commitment to combat the current climate crisis


ARQUIMA is a leader in the construction of buildings with zero or almost zero energy consumption and Passivhaus certificates, with bioclimatic, passive architecture criteria and maximum energy efficiency, and has been innovating in the construction sector for more than 15 years.


Casa más sostenible de Europa - Arquima

Interior of Europe’s most sustainable home designed and manufactured by ARQUIMA


Since its beginnings, the company has been working to decarbonise the sector, using renewable and recyclable materials and using wood as the main element in its building envelopes. Its aim is to ensure that its buildings are as comfortable as possible, together with the best indoor air quality.

It was a pioneer in Sustainable Construction in Spain, developing its own construction system in 2008. It was responsible for the construction of the first multi-family building in Spain with a light frame in 2015 and is responsible for the construction of the most sustainable building in Europe (the only one with double Passivhaus Premium and GBCe VERDE 5-leaf certification) in 2021.

Among other projects, this year ARQUIMA will build two developments in the Balearic Islands, with its industrialised lightweight timber frame construction system, for AEDAS Homes, the national benchmark residential developer.

These are two property developments of 26 and 16 luxury homes in Palma de Mallorca and Llucmajor, respectively.


Renderings of the AEDAS Homes developments to be built by ARQUIMA in the Balearic Islands


This type of building reduces CO2 emissions, creating buildings that are both healthy for their users and environmentally friendly.


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