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Although there are many factors which affect the calculation of a quote for an ARQUIMA construction, if you have the general specification of your future house, you can get a general idea of the construction cost (taxes not included).


If you have all the construction specifications and you are interested in receiving an exact quote for the project, please click the “CONTACT” button, provide the required information and click “SEND”. We will get in touch with you to talk about your new home.

General specifications

Select Passivhaus if you want your building to comply with this German standard


How is it calculated?

This calculator uses standard prices, which may vary depending on the specific characteristics of each project.


Therefore, under no circumstances shall the calculations provided by this calculator commit Arquima to undertaking any project and should be considered merely as a guideline.





Passivhaus buildings achieve a reduction of 90% in heating and air-conditioning requirements. The minimal extra energy required can be easily generated from renewable sources, which means that the energy cost of the construction will be very low both for the owner and the planet.


For example for a standard house of 200 m2 normal consumption would be €3,000 per year, while a Passivhaus building would only cost about €300 per year, giving a saving of €2,700 per year.