Training by Arquima, MaderAula and ClubMadera on lightweight timber framing in efficient construction

At ARQUIMA we promote training to disseminate the potential of the lightweight wooden framework system aimed at efficient construction, together with MaderAula and ClubMadera of the Cesefor.


The company will give up part of the facilities of its new factory in Abrera (Barcelona), for an intensive practical course from February 6 to 10, both inclusive, during an intensive session from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. A totally practical immersion in light frame construction that constitutes a unique opportunity in Catalonia.




During the course, students will learn the practical techniques of light-frame construction and will be trained in this professional profile that is currently in great labor demand. A training developed under the concept of learning by doing, that is, learning by doing, and which constitutes the best path of accelerated learning, interpreting blueprints, cutting, measuring, selecting and composing the materials to achieve the necessary features required for any building.


Factory Archima

The students will also receive all the necessary PPE and will learn to operate machines, tools and auxiliary resources required for the construction of wrought iron elements, walls and ceilings and integrating other elements such as windows, etc. It will also affect the correct placement of different types of insulation, such as blown recycled cellulose and required technical sheets. Once the modules are prefabricated, they will be assembled, element by element, following the necessary procedures for the structural connection between them and achieving the typical levels of sealing of Passivhaus and waterproofing, among others.


The course costs €1,250 and, thanks to the agreement that this training has with the State Foundation for Employment Training (FUNDAE), employees who meet the requirements will obtain a discount of up to €450 tuition reduction.



The Cesefor foundation works to improve the forestry sector, through projects in innovation and structuring. Their daily work is aimed at helping the work of managers, owners, researchers, etc. in order to promote the growth of the forest bioeconomy and the future of the rural environment among all.

Cesefor launched the MaderAula project a few years ago so that construction professionals could acquire practical knowledge for immediate use and with a global approach.