Who we are

ARQUIMA is a leading company in the industrialised construction sector of housing, equipment, façades and envelopes, with passive construction, health, sustainability and maximum energy efficiency criteria. The headquarters and factory are located in Barcelona, although we have offices throughout Spain, and we continue to expand, even internationally. A benchmark for quality, design and sustainability.


We offer a comprehensive service that includes energy efficiency, use of materials with low environmental impact and healthy interiors. We are the only company in Spain with our own factory and on-site technical team.


ARQUIMA uses an industrialised system with a wooden structure, currently the most sustainable construction material on the market, to manufacture structures, façades or complete envelopes, with no limits for the designer, achieving personalised, exclusive and avant-garde projects based on a structural system of load-bearing walls and slabs, making it possible to save large spans, significant overhangs and high-rise buildings.


Our team is made up of architects, quantity surveyors, passivhaus designers, engineers, designers, graphic design and interior design specialists, marketing and communication professionals, as well as external collaborators who work holistically towards reducing the environmental footprint of the construction sector.

Equipo Arquima

Among our achievements we are honoured to have been responsible for building:


– Spain’s first multi-family building with a light-frame structure

– First light-frame multi-family building in the Balearic Islands

– First Passivhaus-certified old people’s home in Spain

– Europe’s most sustainable building


Our projects have been awarded with:

FAD Awards (2019,2020), Green Solutions Awards, Sustainability Action Award 2022, NAN Energy Efficiency Award 2020, among many others.